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slavery / рабство, рабовладение, неволя
имя существительное
slavery, bondage, servitude, enslavement, captivity, serfdom
captivity, slavery
тяжелый труд
toil, sweat, travail, slavery
тяжелый подневольный труд
имя существительное
the state of being a slave.
thousands had been sold into slavery
Our symbol of freedom becomes an emblem of our slavery to an insane idea.
She might as well have been going to a Calcutta slum or sold into slavery .
What happened to the Scots sold into slavery in Barbados?
Elsewhere in Africa, there are still societies that practice slavery .
In Sweden, factors like famine and civil war have driven the Dinha tribes from their land in the South leading to many being sold into slavery .
Thousands of North Korean men, women and children are forced to work and often perish under conditions of slavery .
Eastern Europe's subordination is a feminized or festishized position: domestic slavery in the world order.
In his thesis, he described in detail the places and tribal groups where slavery is still practiced.
More trade will not break the chains of debt slavery .
A thriving trade in child abductions is rife throughout the country which sees many young children sold into slavery or the sex trade.