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slaver / работорговец, слюни, околесица
имя существительное
slaver, trafficker in slaves
slobber, slaver
slaver, bushwa
пускать слюну
распускать слюни
drool, slaver
имя существительное
a person dealing in or owning slaves.
These unpopulated regions had been a haven for pirates, slavers , and other scoundrels for centuries.
saliva running from the mouth.
Then he lied motionlessly with slaver flowing out of his mouth.
excessive or obsequious flattery.
let saliva run from the mouth.
the Labrador was slavering at the mouth
And in the foreground, a gorilla and a gorilla-sized weta roar and slaver .
Hell, they slaver over the prospect of a kid falling down a well, or a local dog getting braces.
Political, economic, social, religious, and personal matters at each spot the slaver touched, as well as on the vessel itself, affected the nature of the experience for all concerned.
A drip of his slaver splashed onto my chin and ran down my neck.
Then he lied motionlessly with slaver flowing out of his mouth.
It was believed that serpents, coiling together in a wriggling, writhing mass, generated these glass or paste beads from their slaver and shot them into the air from their hissing jaws.
slaver ran down from a corner of his mouth
The slaver began loudly complaining of her conduct.
While there are those who slaver to bathe in the esteem of others, there are many who do not - especially those who have been taught that all praise and glory and blessing and honor belong to the Lamb of God alone.
Considering Cornado's brand of hospitality, any ship in his service was probable no better than a slaver .