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slave / раб, невольник, вспомогательное устройство
имя существительное
slave, bondman, thrall, serf, bondservant, bondslave
вспомогательное устройство
auxiliary, slave
имя прилагательное
slave, slavish, servile, thrall
slave, driven, flown
controlled, guided, manageable, driven, operated, slave
работать как раб
работать до изнеможения
exhaust oneself with work, slave
имя существительное
a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.
At any time, a master could confiscate any money that a slave had saved up, and the slave had no legal recourse.
work excessively hard.
after slaving away for fourteen years, all he gets is two thousand
I work very hard - in fact, I've had to work like a slave because I was a slave to drugs.
Why slave long and hard in the kitchen, when you can make this salad in minutes, leaving you free to concentrate on the one you love!
In all reality, I was his slave .
The controller acts as a liaison between the slave work processor and the master, leaving the work processor to concentrate solely on data processing.
If the master fails, we have a way to switch to a slave machine quickly and with minimal data loss, if any.
Each of the slave nodes has a timer programmed with a separate failure mode detection time period.
The technology would also eliminate the need for master / slave jumpers on devices to simplify installation.
He understands his position, while a slave , as transportable property.
a slave cassette deck
I first installed Linux when my hard drive was a primary slave .