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slaughter / резня, избиение, кровопролитие
имя существительное
massacre, slaughter, carnage, butchery, bloodbath, holocaust
massacre, slaughter, drubbing
bloodshed, bloodletting, blood, slaughter
slaughter, put a knife into
kill, murder, slay, slaughter, assassinate, do
cut, slaughter, kill, carve, shear, snip
имя существительное
the killing of animals for food.
The course covers meat processing from slaughter to packaging, food preparation and export compliance, health and safety, and communication skills.
kill (animals) for food.
When I say meat, I do mean slaughtered animals killed for food.
Yet Amin took the use of murder as a way of dealing with all enemies, real or imagined, to new heights in Uganda and conducted his campaign of slaughter with cruel relish.
This is a racist holocaust, where people are targeted for slaughter because of their ethnicity - yet many people deny this basic truth.
Those possibilities, it seems, now extend to violent slaughter of the type previously monopolised by male action heroes.
The animals transported from other States for slaughter should be given proper food, water and a resting place till they are killed
Perhaps you should back down, stop supporting the mass slaughter of unborn babies, and go off somewhere real quiet and decide whether you really want to be a Catholic.
It wasn't a slaughter by any means, just that Dublin were hitting all the right notes now whereas Kerry were staccato-like in all their efforts.
Brutal conquests to be sure, his bloody wake of slaughter in the violent thirteenth century led to the murder of untold millions.
This is a slaughter of the two candidates who seemed to have Iowa locked up between them.
Indeed, such was the Aussie dominance in the third quarter that a slaughter seemed on the cards and was only avoided by some deep digging into inner reserves by a number of the Irish players.
The constant rumblings in his party have grown loud again, and some of his candidates fear a slaughter at the polls.