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slate / шифер, список кандидатов, грифельная доска
имя существительное
slate, shiver, schist
список кандидатов
slate, waiting list
грифельная доска
schedule, target, chalk out, slate, trace, roughcast
крыть шифером
крыть шиферными плитами
имя существительное
a fine-grained gray, green, or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat pieces.
The most resistant rocks are quartzite and quartz-rich sandstones, and tough fine-grained rocks such as slate .
a flat piece of slate used for writing on, typically framed in wood, formerly used in schools.
The colliery village's principle attractions are the driftwood mine, where the visitor is taken to the coalface, and the school, in which children can try out the desks and writing slates and play games of the period.
a bluish-gray color.
suits of slate gray
a list of candidates for election to a post or office, typically a group sharing a set of political views.
another slate of candidates will be picked for the state convention
cover (something, especially a roof) with slates.
The roof will be slated and the front elevations will mostly be of natural stone, and each house has a large back garden.
criticize severely.
his work was slated by the critics
schedule; plan.
renovations are slated for late June
identify (a movie take) using a slate.
They discuss how to proceed, conduct run-throughs, slate shots, film the filming; and as they do so, you get to know these young people.
Also on the anvil are a Braille slate , abacus for mathematics, geometry set with raised numbers and an alphabet plate to enable the visually impaired to learn to write.
Have you ever written to your slate or federal senators or representatives?
Although I admit to being one of those who'll slate a referee at a match, I also understand the enormous task they face once the whistle is blown.
Presently we have a slate of another 19 films, which are all scheduled to be produced in Bulgaria over the next three years.
She was now wearing a slate wrap-around shirt, and a grey coat.
Nominating Committee members work together to prepare and present an annual slate of candidates for national office.
after getting our hands on one this afternoon, we found that it’s a solid, well-performing slate that’s easy on the eyes
The fashion ads also incorporate stone, rock, water and slate for a textural feeling.
Yawar opposed the boycott call and headed a slate of Sunni candidates in the election.
Hodge Close was one of a group of green slate quarries in the Lake District that were worked from the mid-19th century.