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slapstick / фарс, хлопушка, дешевый фарс
имя существительное
farce, slapstick
slapstick, flapper, petard, flap
дешевый фарс
slapstick comedy, slapstick
имя существительное
comedy based on deliberately clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing events.
slapstick humor
The tone, which veers from slapstick comedy to mawkish melodrama, is as volatile as nitroglycerine.
I'll slap her upside the head one of these days, and not with a slapstick .
A lack of imagination on the part of the writer, the director and the actors results in slapstick comedy and innuendoes in dialogues.
But a lot of the comedy is silly slapstick stuff, with people hitting each other with balloons and getting into fights.
His movements, reactions and slapstick comedy were a treat to watch.
As one expects of Elton, it's all done with slapstick humour, parody, irony and lots of absurd action.
slapstick humor
The film is billed as a sophisticated comedy that gleefully mixes slapstick humour, with something a little more grown-up for all viewers.
Such typical comedy tricks such as speeding up the film, slapstick humor, and wacky looks are all present here.
Every joke in the film works for me, even the slapstick at the sidewalk cafe and the barge, and I'm not a big fan of physical comedy.