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slap-up / шикарный, ультрамодный
имя прилагательное
chic, posh, plush, swanky, classy, slap-up
имя прилагательное
(of a meal or celebration) large and sumptuous.
a slap-up dinner
Not only that, he was responsible for giving the whole village two slap-up meals per annum.
It did mean I had to finish the cake, despite the fact I was full to the brim with a slap-up meal, red wine and champers, and felt a little like throwing up.
I promise my by now sceptical family a slap-up lunch in Paris.
Last month, Hilary, 30, celebrated her second Oscar win with a slap-up meal - in a burger bar.
The winners of our Bride of the Year competition were treated to a slap-up meal thanks to the main sponsors.
The loving pair's children gave them a party at the Essex Golf Club, in Eastern Avenue, which included a slap-up dinner and a disco.
Tired of forking out your student loan on cultural nonsense instead of senseless drinking and slap-up meals?
He ordered a slap-up meal for himself accompanied by two large bottles of beer.
‘I was promised a slap-up meal and a few drinks on them the next time the missus and I go to the races,’ said Peter perking up at the prospect.
For most people Christmas is a happy time for family reunions, presents and a slap-up meal.