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slap / пощечина, шлепок
имя существительное
slap in the face, slap
slap, smack, swat, spank, pat, flap
slap, splash, smack, flap, cuff, pat
slap, splotch
clap, slam, slap, pop, flap, smack
direct, right, straight, directly, live, slap
suddenly, all of a sudden, at once, all at once, overnight, slap
suddenly, abruptly, all of a sudden, all at once, pop, slap
suddenly and directly, especially with great force.
storming out of her room, she ran slap into Luke
имя существительное
a blow with the palm of the hand or a flat object.
he gave her a slap across her cheek
hit (someone or something) with the palm of one's hand or a flat object.
my sister slapped my face
He repeatedly raised and lowered the bat in to his open palm, and the slap of polished wood against flesh was far too loud to be real.
she heard the slap of water against the harbor wall
If we dare to not be as accountable as they demand they will slap heavy fines on us.
The prosecution accepted it was a slap rather than a punch and that Mr Bennett, suffered no visible injury.
I put a hand up to his face, and he stepped backwards, obviously expecting a slap , but I stroked his cheek.
The only sound was the slap of their bare feet on the cool marble floors, as they had left their footwear at the door.
Normally, I would just slap on some lipstick and put on the first article of clothing I saw.
He put enough of his wrist into it for a good slap with the flat of the blade, but it was only enough to leave a welt.
slap on a bit of makeup
He hit the steering wheel with an angry slap of his palm.