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slantwise / косо, под уклон
obliquely, askance, askew, slantwise, aslant, bias
под уклон
downhill, downgrade, slantwise
имя прилагательное
oblique, skew, slanting, bias, sidelong, slantwise
inclined, oblique, sloping, slanted, sloped, slantwise
имя прилагательное
at an angle or in a sloping direction.
a slantwise glance
Horses jammed the ford over the stream; Michael crossed above them, galloping slantwise across the slope after the belling pack, stretched low on his horse's neck to clear the branches.
She smiles, perhaps, but the light touches her slantwise , so I can't be sure.
She settled herself onto the couch, slantwise , half reclining, supported by plush cushions, and kicked off her shoes.
The child dashed across the macadam while the rain cut slantwise through the air.
He looked at his dad slantwise , and was satisfied when his father snorted amusedly and waved him on.
The most controversial and dramatic elements of the building, the 14 thermal chimneys. are clearly related to the pilaster-like piers by patinated aluminium bronze plate ducts which run slantwise across the roof slope.
Rain is slashing slantwise , mixing with spray from waves smashing into jetty walls.