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slangy / жаргонный, употребляющий жаргонные сленг, сленговый
имя прилагательное
употребляющий жаргонные сленг
имя прилагательное
using or denoting slang.
the style is so slangy as to be incomprehensible
Rather, the writing spoofs the witty, slangy , often over-written dialogue of movies and radio broadcasts of the time.
His hosts are dumbstruck when their language is used against them with such slangy glee.
Angel speaks of the cultist with contempt and his typical slangy eloquence.
I'm sorry to be slangy , but this automatic writing must have started from somewhere.
Québecois French was more slangy and… ‘different’ from the ‘Standard French’ she learned, which was mostly the European French.
These two spoke in a slangy language which was virtually incomprehensible to anyone hearing it for the first time, though by repetition week by week a mental glossary could be constructed.
Female speech tends to be evaluated as more ‘correct’ or more ‘prestigious’, less slangy , etc.
So the slangy expressions ‘to have a thing about’ or ‘the thing is’ etc. actually hark back to this interesting history.
Not that Tóibín's language is jarringly contemporary or slangy .
The book, which comes in very large print with photos every two pages, travels back and forth in time in a slangy , stream-of-consciousness tone.