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slam / хлопать, захлопнуть, прихлопнуть
clap, slam, slap, pop, flap, smack
slam, bang
slam, kill, catch
имя существительное
helmet, slam, helm, headpiece, casque, crest
slam, clap, pat, flip-flap
slammer, slam, hoosegow, pokey, hoosgow
имя существительное
a loud bang caused by the forceful shutting of something such as a door.
the back door closed with a slam
Another postseason with no title, and now Rafael Furcal is in the slam .
a poetry contest in which competitors recite their entries and are judged by members of the audience, the winner being elected after several elimination rounds.
Poetry slams consist of live performance-sometimes from a text, more often from memory.
(especially in tennis) any of the individual championships that together comprise a Grand Slam.
a stellar 12 months saw her win two slams and two Olympic gold medals, and retain the number one ranking
a grand slam (all thirteen tricks) or small slam (twelve tricks), for which bonus points are scored if bid and made.
The special combinations that beat twos are called slams .
shut (a door, window, or lid) forcefully and loudly.
he slams the door behind him as he leaves
Another postseason with no title, and now Rafael Furcal is in the slam .
I slam the door shut behind me, storming down the stairwell in tears.
The best of Vancouver's slam poets competed against one another for the honour of being Slam Champion.
With a loud slam , the door was tightly shut, and darkness once again returned to the room.
The political side of slam is the focus for ongoing discussion and debate.
Chase and Jeff closed their mouths as the slam of a laptop was heard.
He heard the loud doors to the outside fields open and slam loudly.
He heard the slam of a drawer, and knew the kid had looked at the gun, and he knew the kid wouldn't move it; he wouldn't touch it.
Suddenly, a loud slam of the door made both of them sit up, startled.
Andrew Dawson hit the pass of the match with a ball that curled behind the Marske defence but Alcide could only slam his shot straight at Mohan.