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slalom / слалом
имя существительное
имя существительное
a ski race down a winding course marked by flags or poles.
More than 400 competitors from 40 countries will take part in half-pipe, big air, snowboard-cross, parallel giant slalom and parallel slalom .
move or race in a winding path, avoiding obstacles.
she drove with reckless speed, slaloming in and out of the stalled cars
a slalom kayak
Somewhere between his last win in Wengen and the start gate at the top of the slalom course yesterday afternoon, the magic had left him.
It's a bit like a car, gathering speed, and just winging out of control, starting to slalom on the ice until it explodes.
The few cars slalom on the street below, find their traction, then spin tires and fishtail again at each stop sign up the block.
It is hard in retrospect to think quite how we contrived to slalom through last week.
For my 21st birthday I want to slalom through the Northern Lights the way children run through floor fountains.
Later, the white-water race and slalom events were added.
Jeram Alas finished on top of the final standings, thanks to its double victory in the slalom and down-the-river events.
It would have consisted of a canoe slalom course, canoe run and changing and training facilities.
He tested positive for the banned stimulant, methamphetamine, after winning the bronze medal in the slalom at Salt Lake City.