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slake / удовлетворять, утолять жажду, гасить известь
satisfy, meet, fulfill, respond, serve, slake
утолять жажду
quench, slake
гасить известь
slack, slake
quench or satisfy (one's thirst).
slake your thirst with some lemonade
combine (quicklime) with water to produce calcium hydroxide.
Hydrated slaked lime is slaked quicklime that has reacted with water to form calcium hydroxide.
restaurants worked to slake the Italian obsession with food
The bank has argued that bringing in the private sector would slake the thirst of millions of the world's poor.
Hampden stadium is the only venue on the European American football circuit where fans cannot slake their thirsts with alcohol.
The ‘Bit of Red’ has a very special place for those who slake their thirst with a ‘bit of black’ in Harloes Bar.
A ‘brandy’ bar is being set up to slake their thirst.
There are no gloves, no pads, no iced tea to slake their thirst, no lemonade for breaks, and no hats to protect them from the sun.
Dams were one solution, both to slake the thirst of livestock and to feed patches of green lucerne for ostriches.
We'd slake our thirst with an ice cold Coke - and in that moment, that Coke was our whole world… and that world was perfect.
But when people get tired by the roadside, there is no one to offer buttermilk to slake their thirst.
Seasonal workers are run ragged at this time of year, trying to slake the desires of Christmas-crazed consumers like me.