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slag / шлак, окалина, развратница
имя существительное
slag, dross, clinker, cinder, scoria, sinter
scale, dross, slag, cinder, calx, sinter
имя существительное
stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore.
The hardened matter was slag , a waste product from metal working, and contained evidence of iron, copper and lead manufacture.
a promiscuous woman.
Boys continued to make the same distinction between prospective wives and slags .
produce deposits of slag.
This artificial uranium mine is contained in the slag material from power station coal combustion and deposited in landfills.
The road is unusually constructed of compacted iron slag .
The stats and history of this limestone slag heap are impressive in their own right.
The concentrates are refined by smelting - they are melted, and the impurities are removed as a slag .
Some people had even died in slag slides, picking loose bits of coal in order to keep their homes heated.
In particular, tuyeres in the furnace became blocked with slag .
Blast furnaces are used to recycle slag , dross, and residues from other processes.
There were areas of bare rock and slag , which were around old gold mines, according to the naturalist.
"Oh, it used to be a slag heap, " John said.
It is usually caused by the scouring action of sand, gravel, slag , earth, and other gritty material.