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slacker / бездельник, лодырь, прогульщик
имя существительное
lounger, idler, slacker, layabout, bum, loafer
loafer, quitter, idler, slacker, bum, bummer
truant, quitter, slacker, wag
имя существительное
a person who avoids work or effort.
Antoine is a layabout slacker who lives in a lounge at a health club where a friend lets him stay.
I still have some last-minute wrapping to do, because I'm a slacker .
His droning slacker voice and bizarre lyrics were present, but where were the interweaving guitars?
slacker culture
I took this as a justification for my slacker life, quietly snickering at the achievers and believers.
They were a large part of slacker culture, and became poster boys for Generation X.
Finally, we are shaking off the coma of the stillborn slacker 90s and now there is movement.
The hero, Shaun, an aimless slacker , has been recently dumped by his girlfriend and has to cope with his couch-surfing best friend.
I'm sitting in a massive loft in a slacker neighbourhood where a lot of Montreal's vegetarians live.
Additionally, the slacker angle was so very 1990s, so very played out at this point.
Arita is one half of a slacker duo with Nimura, both of whom work at an industrial laundrette.