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slacken / ослаблять, слабеть, замедлять
loosen, weaken, relax, attenuate, reduce, slacken
weaken, wilt, fail, slacken, faint, ease
slow down, slow, retard, slacken, slow up, slack
make or become slack.
he slackened his grip
She could feel his grip on her slacken and saw the glassy look in his eyes.
Cael felt the grip on him suddenly slacken as the weapon implanted itself in the man's chest.
But his grip did not slacken , and he pulled her outside into an ally.
Suddenly taken by curiosity, he let is grip slacken and opened it up.
He did not once slacken his grip until someone cut him off near the river.
Acacia felt his grip slacken just enough for her to break free and run for the back door.
I could feel her grip around my waist slacken as she realized I could hold myself steady on the stallion, my hands wrapped in its mane.
The tendrils began to slacken and released their grip on her.
They flew on for what felt like hours to Hazel but her grip never slackened around the neck of the Quebba.
Then, the rod kicked straight and his line slackened .