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slab / плита, пластина, горбыль
имя существительное
plate, stove, cooker, slab, table, flag
bar, slab, platten
slab, flitch
имя прилагательное
thick, dense, bushy, heavy, rich, slab
viscous, ductile, tough, viscid, pasty, slab
мостить плитами
срезать горбыли
имя существительное
a large, thick, flat piece of stone, concrete, or wood, typically rectangular.
paving slabs
remove slabs from (a log or tree) to prepare it for sawing into planks.
The company has developed and supplies a unique slabbing system.
he handled the rope competently and set out up the centre of the slab
she settled on a slab of rock
On the ground he will place a granite slab recording the building's history.
A sound much like knocking on a slab of wood reached my ears.
Slowly, holding her breath, feeling her stomach turn with bleak expectations, she walked across the room to the operating slab .
a slab of bread and cheese
A small lip guarded the final corner, which lead to a very smooth slab .
I saw her face, cold as stone and heavy as a marble slab .
Rev stood in a dark stone room with a large rectangular slab of metal hanging close to the ground.
He turns on the light and walks to the body of the old man laying on the slab .