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skyward / ввысь, к небу
up, upward, upwards, skyward, heavenward, punk
к небу
skyward, skywards
имя прилагательное
устремленный в небо
skyward, heavenward
toward the sky.
flames were now shooting skyward
имя прилагательное
moving or directed toward the sky.
the city was heavily guarded by skyward laser batteries
It's an exhilarating experience: crisp, high-altitude air, fresh powder, the search for grip as the snow makes a skyward plume in your wake.
But Irish motorists have been spared the worst effects of oil prices' skyward journey.
The steep slopes of the valley floor rise majestically skywards to provide the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Wages raced skywards as companies fought to retain staff.
I looked skywards and enquired loudly of The Man who gives us such weather: ‘Is this some kind of sick joke?’
After the US invasion of Kuwait in 1990, prices shot skywards .
The burst of flash illuminates a mass of arms raised, index fingers and little fingers pointing skywards , in the time-honoured rock salute.
Sodden and anxious, riverbank dwellers gazed skywards as the heavens opened.
Reporters, microphones in hand, gazed skywards .
We made our way past the little lake, stocked with dead trees, their branches reaching skywards through leftover mist.