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skyline / горизонт, линия горизонта, очертание на фоне неба
имя существительное
horizon, skyline, level, aquifer
линия горизонта
skyline, sea line
очертание на фоне неба
имя существительное
an outline of land and buildings defined against the sky.
the skyline of the city
The urban skyline rises above trees in the distance, though it might as well be 50 miles away.
Anybody who knows Auckland will know that the city skyline is dominated by the Sky Tower.
Blue lights illuminated the entire skyline , making the city look even more majestic.
We all looked up to see the New York skyline in the distance.
Now if I walk to the other side of the office, the broadcast tower would grace that northerly skyline .
I couldn't help smiling when I saw the night skyline of New York.
The night-time skyline of downtown San Francisco looked nearly as ablaze as ever as the weekend started.
In many towns they fill out the skyline , along with the church and the water tower.
Behind Steve is a snazzy backdrop of the Vancouver skyline at night.
The large windows overlooked the skyline , which was overcast with black clouds.