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skylight / световой люк, застекленная крыша, верхний свет
имя существительное
световой люк
застекленная крыша
верхний свет
имя существительное
a window installed in a roof or ceiling.
For maximum light, install tubular skylights on a south face of your roof.
There was a large round skylight in the ceiling, and a loft.
The overhead skylight had contributed its share to the chaos.
The rowdy crowd jumped up and down on the roof to smash the skylight window.
There are no windows in the walls, only a skylight window in the ceiling.
A series of catwalks criss-crossed above him, illuminated by a large skylight .
My uncle had installed a skylight above my bed for my birthday last year.
Four small windows and a skylight brighten the room, which is 24 feet across.
Even the skylight in the ceiling did little to dispel the creepiness the room seemed to ooze.
A skylight in the domed roof spilled silver light over a sword suspended in mid air.
An overhead skylight provides natural light for studying wine colour.