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skylark / жаворонок
имя существительное
lark, skylark, laverock
frolic, sport, play, frisk, rollick, skylark
play, toy, lark, fool with, skylark, monkey
выкидывать штуки
имя существительное
a common Eurasian and North African lark of farmland and open country, noted for its prolonged song during hovering flight.
A typical farming village in this region attracts tree sparrows, black redstarts, gray partridge, skylarks , and hen harriers.
pass time by playing tricks or practical jokes; indulge in horseplay.
he was skylarking with a friend when he fell into a pile of boxes
The air was full of the scents of sage and wild thyme, and the song of the skylark .
It would be like trying to hear a distant skylark 's song standing beside the M1 during the rush hour.
Now the sound is as rare as the song of the skylark .
Because the road is rough and long, shall we despise the skylark 's song?
For example, an adult skylark was found with 48 weevils in its stomach.
Songbirds such as the linnet, yellowhammer, skylark and song thrush to name but a few, are fast disappearing in our gardens and countryside.
A number of these will be well known to golfers such as, the red-necked phalarope, the blacktailed godwit and the skylark to name but a few.
The soaring song of the skylark , Percy Bysshe Shelley observed nearly 200 years ago, is like an unending ‘crystal stream’.
And from that point on, no skylark or sparrow or finch within a bull's roar of Wainui Beach was safe.
If we did that, we would destroy the nests of the skylark and meadow pipit, which is illegal.