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skydiving / затяжные прыжки с парашютом
имя существительное
затяжные прыжки с парашютом
имя существительное
the sport of jumping from an aircraft and performing acrobatic maneuvers in the air during free fall before landing by parachute.
It is similar to the maneuvers I perform in freefall while skydiving .
Since he got involved in skydiving in 1980, Colonel Strand has accumulated approximately 1,600 jumps.
But the statistics show that skydiving is one of the safest sports in the world; driving to a dropzone is generally more dangerous.
We weren't thrill seekers jumping off cliffs, or skydiving , or driving fast vehicles, but we did what many of you do.
You can keep fishing - skydiving is the extreme sport for me.
Not only do they jump out of perfectly good airplanes - they name parachutes and skydiving schools after Icarus.
This was rather puzzling, because she had been exercising vigorously until 10 days earlier, and enjoyed the sport of skydiving .
And different experiences are something that Julie has thrown herself headlong into, including free-fall skydiving and abseiling.
I'd had many adventures and skydiving seemed merely the next in line.
Fifteen years ago, skydiving did not have full-time teams.
Gilbert bet that he would try skydiving if Roddick won his first Masters tournament.