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sky / небо, небеса, погода
имя существительное
sky, heaven, palate, blue, roof of the mouth, sphere
heaven, sky, empyrean, ether, sphere
weather, sky
вешать под потолок
высоко забросить
имя существительное
the region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth.
hundreds of stars shining in the sky
hit (a ball) high into the air.
he skied his tee shot
Max just rolled his eyes and stared back up at the starlit sky .
His cold gaze focused on the starless sky outside the small stone window.
Dorcas had never seen so much sky
hundreds of stars shining in the sky
Then dozens of multi-coloured balloons were released into the sunny evening sky .
hundreds of stars were shining in the sky
Allen's swift 35 allowed McMahon to sky the final run and leave the Oxford side relieved after seeing the game almost slip away.
Ajit woke up sweating and looked out of his window into the starless, black midnight sky .
The midnight blue of the nighttime sky grew suddenly darker.
Jillson had never seen so much sky