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skullcap / тюбетейка, ермолка, черепной свод
имя существительное
yarmulke, skullcap
черепной свод
имя существительное
a small close-fitting cap without a brim.
They wore close-fitting crocheted skullcaps that were noticed by others.
the top part of the skull.
In 1887, Eugene Dubois discovered a skullcap , a femur (thigh bone), and a molar in the same area.
a widely distributed plant of the mint family, whose tubular flowers have a helmet-shaped cup at the base.
Other sleep promoting herbs include valerian, Californian poppy, skullcap , hops and passionflower.
Chamomile, oatstraw, and skullcap are examples.
If you have that reaction, try skullcap or passion flower instead.
Also, skullcap and passionflower are supposed to have sedative effects.
For those of us concerned not only with functional equipment but also looking good, the skullcap will prevent the dreaded helmet hair look.
The Chancellor, without cowl or skullcap , did look very young, after all.
Men wear the doppilar, a small, square black skullcap .
He wiped the sweat from under his hat and swiftly put on a little skullcap , then stroked his short white beard.
I've started taking St. John's wort and skullcap .
Instead of a crown, Arvid wore a knitted skullcap with holes for his ears to poke through.
Herbal supplements that can be toxic to the liver include kava, comfrey, chaparral, jin bu huan, kombucha tea, pennyroyal and skullcap .