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skull / череп, башка
имя существительное
skull, cranium, braincase, brainpan, pericranium, death's head
chump, noggin, pate, twopenny, noddle, skull
имя существительное
a framework of bone or cartilage enclosing the brain of a vertebrate; the skeleton of a person's or animal's head.
Both chickens and humans are vertebrates, a group of animals that have skulls and backbones.
hit (someone) on the head.
On April Fool's Day 1997, dozens of people went out on skulling missions, hitting hundreds of billboards on busy Toronto streets.
But light sears in, and I shudder, my entire body retching in the pain of my head and my skull .
There should be no difference between the intensity of the sound waves reaching each cochlea via the bones of the skull .
I read this story about the baby's skull being cracked.
Her thoughts ran around in her head, pounding her skull .
It was a quick, sharp pain in the back of his head from inside his skull .
But here's the rub: each contestant is given just eight hours to cram their skull with their opponents' specialised subject.
The sound vibrations reverberate in the skull and heads towards the ear, where, we are assured, the diver can hear the conversation perfectly well.
Soon after, she felt another something hard smack into her skull , making her head pound and spin.
He was later found unconscious and taken by ambulance back to BRI, where the fractured skull was discovered.
Drake closed his eyes tightly as the voice in his head reverberated around his skull .