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skulk / симулянт, бездельник
имя существительное
malingerer, pretender, simulant, sham, skulk, shammer
lounger, idler, slacker, layabout, bum, skulk
уклоняться от ответственности
shirk responsibility, skulk
hide, lurk, disappear, go into hiding, abscond, skulk
steal, sneak, slink, creep, prowl, skulk
keep out of sight, typically with a sinister or cowardly motive.
don't skulk outside the door like a spy!
имя существительное
a group of foxes.
They did not have to ask society's permission to express their natural desires, or to skulk ashamedly when they did so outside of marriage.
I would skulk in alleys and hide in closets and tap phone lines.
The only answer is to stay away, to skulk at home with the door locked, then complain about democratic illegitimacy later.
Unlike the absconding narrators who skulk out of sight in most modern novels, James refuses to hide behind the mask of authorial anonymity.
the skulk howls away into the night
We do not skulk away from our responsibility of launching revolutionary violence to meet counter-violence.
don't skulk outside the door like a spy!
I skulk outside the crematorium gates in that suit, which I've borrowed again from my housemate Paul.
don't skulk outside the door like a spy!
Matt and Ken wonder why they ever left Czechoslovakia, where all they had to worry about was the odd Vampire skulking about.