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skulduggery / надувательство
имя существительное
sell, swindle, trickery, skulduggery, hype, skullduggery
имя существительное
underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; trickery.
a firm that investigates commercial skulduggery
a firm that investigates commercial skulduggery
What the Sligo County Board have done is to engage in a low, mean-spirited, under-hand piece of skulduggery .
Martin Scorsese's epic tale of skulduggery and violence is even more extreme than Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In America.
Instead, the stories have been about alleged corruption, incompetence and skulduggery .
a firm that investigates commercial skulduggery
Measuring the volume of corporate skullduggery precisely is difficult.
Ansari depicts the history of the caliphs as a sordid one of oppression and skullduggery .
What kind of skullduggery was going on in the front-row, we do not know.
The reason for this legislative skullduggery is obvious: No one wants to publicly defend the indefensible.
Obviously with projects this momentous there's bound to be a touch of skullduggery .