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skivvy / прислуга
имя существительное
servant, maid, domestic, help, domestic servant, skivvy
имя существительное
underwear, especially a set consisting of undershirt and underpants, or just the underpants.
Undies, underwear, or skivvies were all deemed acceptable.
a lightweight high-necked, long-sleeved garment.
But Couples doesn't wear a skivvy shirt under his golf tunic to minimize the subcutaneous fat.
a low-ranking female domestic servant.
In upper-class households there was often a hierarchy of servants ‘below stairs', ranging from the butler to kitchen skivvies .
do menial household tasks; work as a skivvy.
Antonin was taken in by a busy cook who offered him bed and board in exchange for skivvying .
I found a job as a maid-of-all-work, a skivvy
Acpec has introduced a combat skivvy as part of a cold weather ensemble to protect the soldier in the field.
He said: ‘Brian is my skivvy , but I will also help him in his preparations.’
All his friends attended and he even broke out the red skivvy for the special day.
Wear your western shirt open and untucked over a skivvy to draw the eye down and create the illusion of a more sculpted, leaner silhouette.
Be realistic: he is never going to tidy up if he has a skivvy to do it for him and give him back his stuff all sorted, clean, tidy and ready to use.
Some of the new stuff you can expect to see this year includes the wet weather ensemble, combat jacket and skivvy / undershirts.
And the choice of placements totally eclipses the old stigma of office typist or work site skivvy .
What else can I do for anyone, since I seem to be everyone's skivvy this morning?
I'm really the office skivvy