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skittle / кегля
имя существительное
pin, skittle
имя существительное
a game played, chiefly in Britain, with wooden pins, typically nine in number, set up at the end of an alley to be bowled down with a wooden ball or disk.
Then on Wednesday at 9.30PM the name of the game is adult skittles and week ends as per usual with Whist on Thursday at 9pm.
a pin used in the game of skittles.
This float looks like a miniature skittle seen in a bowling lane.
This float looks like a miniature skittle seen in a bowling lane.
Each skittle scores differing numbers of points and success is largely a matter of luck.
The large skittle is presumably a king pin as featured in some of the modern versions of skittles.
He even claimed that it had a skittle alley that was in regular use.
The daytime activities are free and there will be something for everyone including a mobile skittle alley and a bouncy castle.
I couldn't find the old skittle alley, but thankfully they still have a bar.
The ball hit him square in the forehead and he fell like a skittle .
The table featured a croquet-like hoop at one end called the ‘Port’ and an upright skittle at the other called the ‘King’.
There were lots of stalls and games, including darts, skittles and a hoopla.
He ran the length of the pitch, knocking Leigh defenders down like skittles to score a sensational try and claim victory for Keighley.