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skitter / легко и быстро нестись, подергивать рыболовный крючок
легко и быстро нестись
подергивать рыболовный крючок
move lightly and quickly or hurriedly.
the girls skittered up the stairs
draw (bait) jerkily across the surface of the water as a technique in fishing.
Twenty girls skitter through chassées, cross-ball-changes and multiple jazz pirouettes.
His cameras zoom around a fictional CGI Paris like bugs skitter over puddles.
His thoughts had no pattern to them; they skittered brokenly through his mind.
I was about to protest, but Alex quickly skittered off to the bathroom, leaving me stupidly holding the silver phone in my hand.
He held completely still, afraid to move and send the apparition skittering back into the depths of his sleep-riddled mind.
Her eyes widened further, and she backed, more quickly than before, skittering quickly against the walls and door.
A rock skittered lightly to his left as he stepped into the sanctuary.
She nodded quickly and skittered over to her seat.
When we stepped away from the tunnel's hatch, a tide of beetles skittered over the stones, away from our feet.
It feels like there are spiders inside my mind, skittering and tapping me dreadfully with hundreds of nasty little feet.