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skit / пародия, скетч, капустник
имя существительное
parody, travesty, spoof, skit, mockery, burlesque
sketch, skit
skit, cabbage worm, cabbage field
make fun of, ridicule, mock, deride, satirize, skit
bounce, rebound, recoil, carom, fly off, skit
имя существительное
a short comedy sketch or piece of humorous writing, especially a parody.
a skit on daytime magazine programs
a skit on daytime magazine programs
In the short skit , the guys left everyone spellbound with their fluency in Hindi.
They can stage a short skit about Mahatma Gandhi's Dandi March and India's struggle for Independence.
A short skit was presented with a message conveying that the disabled were in no way inferior to others.
What was originally supposed to be a short skit for the end-of-run cast party soon turned into a show in its own right.
they did a skit on management meetings
a skit on daytime magazine programmes
An interview with Meena and a comedy skit will also be telecast.
His outrageous comedy skits and quick wit made him part of daily life for millions of American families.
Skeins emerged through group projects to render the maze of tradition through a time-line, skits and sketches.