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skirmish / перестрелка, стычка, перепалка
имя существительное
skirmish, firefight, gunplay
hassle, skirmish, encounter, engagement, brush, scrap
сражаться мелкими отрядами
имя существительное
an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting, especially between small or outlying parts of armies or fleets.
The key now is to tune out the ‘white noise’ and stop fighting the daily skirmishes of the last war.
engage in a skirmish.
reports of skirmishing along the border
And it's just the latest skirmish in the war over digital music, movies, and books.
None of them bothered to change out of their street clothes, expecting a short skirmish only.
Yesterday there was a short skirmish in the woods outside the town of Nyda.
No, this won't be a naval skirmish with some oppressive foreign dictator.
Once in a while, there's a short skirmish and someone dies, but it's all dull and uninspired.
When these disappeared, she fought and won a brief skirmish with her conscience.
Stay tuned - literally - and we'll see how this latest skirmish in the media wars turns out.
Carey may have won the opening skirmish , but the Europeans aren't crying uncle yet.
The Marines who let me through the skirmish line filed their reports on Booth's death.
When the emperors soldiers came to reclaim the hawk, a brief skirmish ensued and the hawk was not returned.