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skipper / шкипер, капитан, капитан команды
имя существительное
skipper, captain, shipman
captain, skipper, padrone, old man
капитан команды
captain, skipper
имя существительное
the captain of a ship or boat.
The skippers and ship owners may be fined £32,000 each.
a person or thing that skips.
But these aren't any ordinary bit of rope, just as the competitors in the International Rope Skipping Championships aren't any ordinary skippers .
a small brownish mothlike butterfly with rapid darting flight.
Swallowtails, cabbage whites, skippers , and orange sulphurs follow scent trails to the tiny patches of flowers blooming furiously in the middle of the city.
the Atlantic saury (see saury ).
act as captain of.
Simon Talbot from St Osyth was skippering a 53 ft yacht on a trip from Sweden to Cork when the accident happened.
And the Wanderers' club skipper insists he is not whistling in the wind.
The rescued men included the Taiwanese skipper of the vessel as well as two Taiwanese and two Vietnamese workers.
The South African skipper has flared as one of the brightest new talents on the international scene.
Dive charter skipper John Walker looked over the trio's dive plan and planned his own search.
Unknown to our crew, the skipper had told the squadron our aircraft had ditched, and survivor status was unknown.
And the South Park skipper decided to hold on for the draw in the last over.
If what you want from your skipper is to overhit balls and otherwise remain anonymous, then Cafu fulfilled his brief.
The ex-Salford skipper did not play competitive rugby for the whole of last season.
Pool, led from the front by their new Australian skipper Simon Dart, are showing good early season form.
Soames is not letting the poor form of his side drag him down and the young skipper was top scorer with 44.