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skipjack / попрыгунчик, прыгающая игрушка
имя существительное
skipjack, jack-in-the-box
прыгающая игрушка
имя прилагательное
leaping, saltatory, vaulting, saltant, skipjack
имя существительное
a small tuna with dark horizontal stripes, widely distributed throughout tropical and temperate seas.
About 80 percent of exports consist of frozen, dried, and salted skipjack tuna ; canned fish; dried shark fins; and fish meal.
a sloop-rigged sailboat with vertical sides and a flat V-shaped bottom, used chiefly on the east coast of the US.
Their motor-less sailing boats are called skipjacks , and are allowed to fish for oysters freely.
However, most of the tuna consumed in the UK has brown flesh and tends to be the skipjack or yellowfin varieties.
There, the commercial fishermen patiently wait every year for the annual migrations of albacore, skipjack , yellowfin, big-eye and bluefin.
Cruise open water on an authentic skipjack , and explore tidal inlets by canoe or kayak.
Similarly, drying skipjack (a small Pacific fish in the tuna family) or shiitake mushrooms substantially increases their existing umami levels.
Furthermore, there is evidence for spontaneous thrombus formation in skipjack and yellowfin tunas, as well as in milkfish.
Covered in black coral trees and full of marine life like skipjack and lionfish, the ship is another easy wreck.
However, I should have been able to catch fish on a fly, because we caught many little skipjack on small white lures, trolled.
They also caught a couple of large kingfish and many skipjack .
This outfit is also ideal for school bonito, skipjack , average sized dorado, roosterfish and needlefish.
Coloration is generally similar to that of the skipjack herring, Alosa chrysochloris.