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skip / пропуск, скип, прыжок
имя существительное
pass, skip, omission, permit, gap, out
bounce, jump, leap, hop, spring, skip
miss, skip, pass, overlook, miss out, omit
jump, skip, leap, dance, cavort, spring
jump, leap, skip, jump over, overleap, skip off
имя существительное
a light, bouncing step; a skipping movement.
he moved with a strange, dancing skip
a dumpster.
Stop using our hedgerows like a very large skip .
the captain or director of a team in lawn bowling or curling.
Desert Rats carried on their hundred percent winning streak by beating the Buriram Stompers captained by their new skip Phil.
move along lightly, stepping from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce.
she began to skip down the path
act as skip of (a side).
Ball's victory in the fours final earlier in the year was also against a side skipped by Lavelle.
I wanted to skip my English lesson to visit my mother
This close observation of deceit caused her to skip her turn at jumprope.
Vincent commented as he watched Pearl trying to skip rocks on the water.
Then skip ahead to tomorrow, friend, because today is the first day of the 58th Cannes Film Festival.
Many people skip the traditional breakfast and lunch.
she began to skip down the path
Who, outside devotees of the sport, could name the skip of the women's curling team before this year's Winter Olympics?
My chest is puffed out regularly and there is a skip in my step.
Lars taught me to skip rocks, and soon I was better than he was, much to his chagrin.
The scheme involves pursuing those who skip bail and fail to turn up to a hearing after being released on bail.