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skint / без гроша в кармане
имя прилагательное
без гроша в кармане
имя прилагательное
(of a person) having little or no money available.
I'm a bit skint just now
You have a lot of money in October, then come March you're skint again.
By that, I mean we were too skint to really do anything.
We have had a very bad election result, we are effectively skint , our activists are discouraged and our membership is falling.
I was so skint I couldn't even get the kids anything for Christmas.
And what about women who can't afford to pay and have low pain thresholds - do they just lie there screaming in agony because they are skint ?
Whenever you go to the council asking for new books and equipment they say they are skint but they can find money for this kind of thing.
I had previously owned a mustard-coloured Maxi and hated it, but I was so skint I found myself buying another one.
‘He knew I was skint , so he asked if I wanted to come and work in this place for eight hours a day,’ recalls Hemphill.
‘I wasn't going to play this season because I was skint ,’ said Shaw.
But the worst time to be on Oxford Street is when you are skint and are shopping for someone else.