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skinny / тощий, обтягивающий, кожа да кости
имя прилагательное
skinny, lean, gaunt, scrawny, meager, scraggy
кожа да кости
skinny, slim-jim
skinny, gaunt, attenuate
skinny, gaunt, attenuate
имя прилагательное
(of a person or part of their body) very thin.
his skinny arms
(of an article of clothing) tight-fitting.
a skinny black dress
(of coffee) made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.
one skinny latte to go, please
имя существительное
a skinny person.
a pair of skinny pants, especially jeans.
if you're tired of squeezing into your skinnies, bell-bottoms and flares are back in fashion
confidential information on a particular person or topic.
the inside skinny is that he didn't know the deal was in the works
His garments of choice are skinny white T-shirts with a stripe of red paint across, and cute indie-boy fringes.
Here's the skinny on what you can get today - and a preview of technology to come.
Instead, they're like some dangerous cult, full of bow-legged, wiry weirdos in garish outfits, fuelled on sour dough toast and skinny latte.
The silhouette continues to be long tops and skinny pants.
Entertainment correspondent Sibila Vargas has the skinny .
He's got the skinny on about $10 million stashed away in an Amsterdam vault.
Here's the skinny on the two basic types of paint.
Narrow fitted suits with skinny trousers and ties are back.
While waiting for him to come back, I called Christine to give her the skinny on what was going on.
She had blonde hair, green eyes, and was extremely tall and skinny for her age.