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skinful / полный мех, большое количество, много
имя существительное
полный мех
большое количество
plenty, number, quantity, a great deal, a generous amount, skinful
lot, considerable, skinful
сколько угодно
имя существительное
enough alcoholic drink to make one drunk.
he had a skinful on New Year's Eve
At 11 pm the streets will not be full of people who have had a skinful .
Why don't they mention the yuppies or the businessmen who have a skinful on a Friday night in the wine bar after work?
People also assume that it's impossible to relax unless they've had a skinful .
Somebody who has had a skinful is a medical problem first and foremost and not a public order problem.
Having it at night when the majority of attendees have had a fair skinful already also helps I suppose.
Many hours pass and our two heroes have had (not to put too fine a point on it) an absolute skinful .
Who'll know at a glance what bus they can get home at 3am after a skinful ?
The Bury-born actor is backing a campaign to stop the British boozing habit of having a skinful of ale and then going home for a fry-up.
Please keep the risqué ones away from my family, at least until they have had a good skinful .
he had a skinful on New Year's Eve