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skinflint / скряга, скупец
имя существительное
miser, hunks, curmudgeon, cheapskate, skinflint, tightwad
miser, curmudgeon, tightwad, clam, moneybags, skinflint
имя существительное
a person who spends as little money as possible; a miser.
Scots are dispelling their stereotype of being skinflints who hoard their money and live austere lives.
I'm not a skinflint , but I would like my bank balance to level out for a week or two.
Not that I am a skinflint or unromantic, but it has been refreshing to view the whole event from a neutral standpoint.
I was too scared to stand up to them, or to the diner's skinflint owner, who kept finding creative ways to dip into our inadequate tips.
Stop being such a skinflint - just buy the thing.
The skinflint and the loan shark are seen as sources of sawbuck salvation and sanctification.
But as I palmed the money through the window the meter went to £9.40, turning me instantly into a skinflint .
I'm a skinflint and I don't want to shell out on Dreamweaver.
Although he's looking to sell it again, Lieberman remains a skinflint .
It's certainly not because I'm a skinflint , production costs and time invested are irrelevant.
Their skinflint ways caused R. no small degree of humiliation during her growing years.