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skimp / скупиться, экономить, урезать
stint, skimp, scrimp, scant, begrudge, pinch
save, economize, spare, skimp, retrench, thrift
cut, cut down, curtail, skimp, truncate, pare down
expend or use less time, money, or material on something than is necessary in an attempt to economize.
don't skimp on insurance when you travel overseas
Risotto is the only real vegetarian option and, fortunately for the non-carnivorous, it doesn't skimp on mushrooms and pine nuts.
But don't skimp on the lemon juice - you'll need the acid to make the flank steak tender.
It's important for us not to skimp on the musical side.
With each model, the Japanese auto makers are trying to ensure buyers get a car that offers better fuel economy but doesn't skimp on power and comfort.
In the knowledge economy, we can't skimp on research.
she wore a yellow skimp
Don't skimp on the visual look of your plan; work with a local print shop to make it colorful and enjoyable to read and have.
The band prefers to keep things very understated, but they never skimp on melody or song structure, which, though simple, doesn't fail to captivate.
Don't skimp on necessities like line, hooks and so on.
But the fact is that justice costs, and if we skimp on the money, then we skimp on the justice too.