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skimmer / шумовка, лопатка, водорез
имя существительное
skimmer, strainer
shoulder blade, scapula, vane, paddle, shoulder, skimmer
cutwater, skimmer
имя существительное
a person or thing that skims, in particular.
Loyal skimmers of this column will be aware that I like to pride myself on my cultural know-how.
a long-winged seabird related to the terns, feeding by flying low over the water surface with its knifelike extended lower mandible immersed.
Hook them through the belly and they'll swim up, but that will only feed the skimmers , terns and gulls wheedling overhead.
a flat, broad-brimmed straw hat.
Perspiration oozes from beneath his jaunty straw skimmer , the salt stinging his eyes.
a broad-bodied dragonfly commonly found at ponds and swamps. It can rest for long periods on a perch, from which it darts out to grab prey.
A string of tiny skimmers were whipped out during the contest with over 300 fish going to make up the net of 6lb 12 oz, enough for seventh place in the 96 field.
It was only a week's journey from here to the palace on a skimmer .
Several of the vehicles in the game are expected to be drivable in multiplay, including the jeep, alien skimmer craft and stealth tank.
a perforated skimmer
The skimmer removes detritus that would otherwise sink and contribute to algae growth.
In late summer, numerous egrets and herons appear, along with common, roseate, least, Forster's and black terns and maybe even a black skimmer .
Perspiration oozes from beneath his jaunty straw skimmer , the salt stinging his eyes.
Remove with a bamboo skimmer , drain on paper towels, sprinkle with salt, and serve immediately.
Trevor Price (Tang Hall Match Group) also had a skimmer in his net from the bottom peg on the Palace Ings.
The traces of oil in the waters after the skimmer is deployed are wiped out by use of absorbent pads.
I'm reading some strain on the skimmer drive from that stunt, but it's nothing we can't fix upon hitting port.