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skill / умение, мастерство, навык
имя существительное
skill, ability, knack, art, proficiency, capability
skill, craftsmanship, mastery, workmanship, excellence, mastership
skill, experience, acquired habit, cum-savvy
имя существительное
the ability to do something well; expertise.
difficult work, taking great skill
After a comprehension check, follow with some literacy skill development.
Because of that, all of these transferable skill sets actually don't get to play out in the workplace.
He is a player of real talent and skill and has the ability to make a real and lasting impression at the highest level.
he has little skill as a writer
difficult work, taking great skill
He has bags of skill and masses of experience, which is very important.
her skill at drawing
You can be as determined as you like but you have to have ability and skill as well.
Part of his skill lies in his ability to serve both the individual and collective response.
Young girls may boast good health but they lack experience, skill and tolerance.