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skiff / ялик, лодка, скиф-одиночка
имя существительное
skiff, dinghy, yawl, sculler, dingey, wherry
boat, skiff, pleasure boat, wherry, shallop
имя существительное
a shallow, flat-bottomed open boat with sharp bow and square stern.
A punt is a small, flat-bottomed skiff that is steered with a long, gondolier-style pole that grapples the muddy river bottom with the hook at its end.
The sleek Graght skiff had no trouble matching them move for move.
He is moderately stern, but amused when Billy stands in the skiff and waves good-bye to his merchant sailor friends.
To complete my journey, first to Naa, then to Tebua, I travel with Nakibae Teuatabo's son Kabiea, who sits in the stern of our skiff .
We used our VHF radio and phoned ahead, then caught up with the Royal Polaris skiff near 11 a.m.
The other local fishermen go out and look at Santiago's skiff and measure the length of the marlin's skeleton.
We shan't go another voyage on this measly skiff , Captain Gennady orated.
Sitting on the stern of the skiff I swung my legs into the boat then made myself comfortable in one of the padded seats.
A heavy skiff is launched off the seiner's stern to anchor its enormous net.
The next day we were to leave on an open skiff down the Paraguay River for New Germany.
We head offshore, speeding across deeper water, but another skiff off our starboard bow seems to have the same idea.