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skid / занос, салазки, полоз
имя существительное
skid, skidding, mole, bank, pulling down
sled, slide, skid, carriage, sleigh, sledge
runner, skid, racer, coluber
slide, glide, slip, skim, skid, slither
skid, enter, bring, sideslip, put down, note down
slip, skid
имя существительное
an act of skidding or sliding.
the Volvo went into a skid
a runner attached to the underside of an aircraft for use when landing on snow or grass.
A metre below the skids of the aircraft was the ledge onto which we were to leap, and below that was a sheer 100-metre drop into what from the air looked like an otherwise inaccessible canyon.
a braking device consisting of a wooden or metal shoe preventing a wheel from revolving.
a beam or plank used to support a ship under construction or repair.
Contrast that with a gas turbine, which is shipped on a skid and essentially needs only to be hooked up.
(of a vehicle) slide, typically sideways or obliquely, on slippery ground or as a result of stopping or turning too quickly.
the taxicab skidded to a halt
fasten a skid to (a wheel) as a brake.
It had a shorter hinged shoulder support plate and a skid type bipod.
He cascaded down the hall, sliding on the damp ground and coming to a skid in front of a door.
The lumber coming off the saw is bundled and tagged and stacked on a skid .
Begin your powder turn and then instead of hitting your edges hard to carve a turn, stand up on two feet and let your skis slide or skid diagonally across the fall line.
Similar studies to those in Holland were carried out in the United Kingdom and the results were used to develop a skid resistance specification based on investigatory levels.
The average skid resistance results are given in Figure 4.
The noise startled him, and he slid into a side skid .
the Volvo went into a skid
We would skid the logs to roadside with horses, and then they were hauled to the lake where they were boomed, and a tugboat would take them to the mill.
An undignified skid and a few slides later found him at the entrance to the parlor, where the voices had retreated to.