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ski / ходить на лыжах
ходить на лыжах
имя существительное
ski, skid
имя существительное
each of a pair of long narrow pieces of hard flexible material, typically pointed and turned up at the front, fastened under the feet for gliding over snow.
If you own waxless skis, try a pair of waxable skis on a day when it is below freezing.
travel over snow on skis; take part in the sport or recreation of skiing.
they skied down the mountain
He sold the business to Nationwide in 1997 in an undisclosed multimillion pound deal before taking time out to travel and ski .
In fact, I love it, even though I don't ski , snowboard or do any winter sports that involve going outside.
off-piste spring snow is easy to ski
They told me I wasn't going to ski again.
With lots of practice these two easy drills can help you to overcome any hesitation to ski icy slopes.
This new ski resort opened in 1994 and offers great views of Lake Inawashiro and Mt. Bandai, as well as great facilities and lots of quality runs.
Apart from mountain biking on Vitosha, he learnt to ski here and has enjoyed two winter sports seasons, although he nearly broke his knee last year.
Heavy snow brought life almost to a standstill at South Africa's only ski resort, Tiffindell, in the Eastern Cape.
Here, you can ski the steep terrain at your leisure, always stopping to enjoy the views, and then coming out again at night for some night skiing.
Afri-Ski is a new ski resort, situated in northern Lesotho and promises to be the biggest and most modern ski resort yet in southern Africa.