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skew / косой, смещенный, асимметричный
имя прилагательное
oblique, skew, slanting, bias, sidelong, bevel
offset, skew, ectopic
asymmetric, asymmetrical, skew, dissymmetrical
имя существительное
incline, lean, tilt, slope, inclination, skew
bevel, slant, chamfer, skew, rake, scarf
skew, slope, bias, deviation, gradient, ramp
distort, misrepresent, deform, twist, corrupt, skew
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, deviate
deviate, digress, deflect, depart, diverge, skew
имя прилагательное
neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; askew; crooked.
his hat looked slightly skew
(of a pair of lines) neither parallel nor intersecting.
suddenly change direction or position.
the car had skewed across the track
имя существительное
an oblique angle; a slant.
The most important effect of the skew in angle is the raised plateau of entrance court created in the eastern corner.
We devised the question sets to be, as far as possible, at the same level of difficulty in order not to bias or skew the overall results.
Empirical data, however, did not always detect a statistically significant skew toward rare alleles in the allele frequency distribution.
The per capita income variable was log transformed to reduce positive skew .
If there is no sex-ratio skew among nestlings, data regarding survival of hybrid males and females would be needed to explain the pattern noted by Bronson et al.
In recent years we have seen more of a skew towards the High Arts and the Arts that people from more affluent suburbs tend to enjoy.
The sample odds ratio is limited at the lower end, since it cannot be negative, but not at the upper end, and so has a skew distribution.
We used a log transformation for the alcohol problem index because of the strong positive skew of the variable.
We see in the subsequent section that this fairly small skew from equal frequencies nonetheless yields a substantive potential for ‘nonstandard’ dynamical behavior.
The female skew was most evident during Saturday's opening ceremony rebroadcast, which attracted almost three-quarters of the female audience and 66 per cent of men.
So a definite skew to the higher income households.