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skeptic / скептик
имя существительное
skeptic, pyrrhonist, unbeliever, sceptic, non-believer
имя прилагательное
skeptical, skeptic, incredulous, zetetic, sceptic, sceptical
имя существительное
a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.
How does he gain by fortressing himself and his administration away from critics, skeptics , and questioners?
an ancient or modern philosopher who denies the possibility of knowledge, or even rational belief, in some sphere.
Xenophanes was a sceptic who denied that knowledge could be obtained by us humans; at best we merely have beliefs, the truth or falsity of which will remain largely unknown to us.
That conclusion is fine by me, because I'm a religious skeptic .
A skeptic might say that you're just asking them to package their positions into more religious language.
The most die-hard atheist or skeptic may suddenly find God when faced with an extreme suffering or danger.
He was different from the other skeptic that had questioned her before.
He is now an atheist and skeptic - although I fear he'll fall back into faith someday, given how sad he seems to find the idea of no afterlife.
But in general, I think we do ourselves a disservice as skeptics if we try to maintain that the only ‘pure’ skeptic is an atheist skeptic .
Such a skeptic denies we could know most of the things we take ourselves to know, because we cannot rule out the logical possibility that we are massively deceived about the world.
He is rather like me, a true skeptic whose passion for questioning emotionally held beliefs and outspokenness makes him many dangerous enemies.
We all know that the film is being turned into a movie, to satisfy all the religious sceptics who can't actually read.
Some skeptics also tend to lump all forms of religion in with irrationalism and superstition.