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skein / моток пряжи, неразбериха, путаница
имя существительное
моток пряжи
confusion, muddle, mix, bewilderment, snafu, skein
confusion, tangle, mess, mix, jumble, skein
имя существительное
a length of thread or yarn, loosely coiled and knotted.
I drove to the beautiful Fisher Building in Detroit and then I counted skeins and skeins of yarn for the inventory at City Knits.
Above, the final skein of Pinkfooted Geese, over wintering from Greenland honked their noisy way to their evening roost on the sand-banks of the River Ribble.
The one parcel I got from her was nice - a skein of cotton yarn, chiba needles, and some incense.
Today the winery, owned by the large Stimson Lane firm, makes a skein of wines in several tiers.
A V-shaped skein passing overhead with a cacophony of honks floating down still epitomizes wildness and freedom for many people.
There, the rivers give way to a skein of smaller rivers and enter the salt sea.
Wil's formative years are shrouded in mystery, concealed from the public by a skein of lies and deceptions so complex that it has taken more than a decade for Wheaton researchers to unravel.
It is impossible to knit from a skein without getting the wool in a knot.
The blue train sped with the precision of a skein of geese in flight.
Once, after being disturbed by a low-flying helicopter, the full skein remained airborne almost an hour before side-slipping and tumbling out of the sky.
Rubble na Mickies concludes the trilogy by drawing strands from the previous novels into a tangled skein .