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skate / конек, скат, роликовый конек
имя существительное
skate, fad, ridge, pipit, hobby, hobbyhorse
slope, ramp, stingray, chute, skate, ray
роликовый конек
кататься на коньках
skate, ice-skate
slide, glide, slip, skim, skid, skate
имя существительное
an ice skate or roller skate.
Frustrated at the lack of facilities on offer to them, young people in Portlaoise took matters into their own hands last week and set up their own skate and rollerblading club.
a typically large marine fish of the ray family with a cartilaginous skeleton and a flattened diamond-shaped body.
The freshwater sawfish, a ray, is related to stingrays, skates , sharks, and other fishes with cartilaginous skeletons.
move on ice skates or roller skates in a gliding fashion.
the boys were skating on the ice
pass over or refer only fleetingly to (a subject or problem).
she seemed to skate over the next part of her story
make quick and easy progress through.
he admits he had expected to skate through the system
On in-line skates, the brake is in the back of the skate instead of the front, such as on roller-skates.
Cod, hake, whiting, mackerel and skate as well as shellfish were pulled from the sea.
Throughout the western fjords, a hash of skate is cooked.
Lift the other skate and advance it just enough so you can set the heel wheel down next to your arch.
The cooking possesses an apparent simplicity - but this should fool no one: it takes ten minutes and 30 years to cook a wing of skate to this degree of perfection.
Delicate skate in a grainy mustard sauce is bolstered by a forceful bed of savoy cabbage and water chestnuts.
Who knew that grilled skate wing went nicely with a hot, red smear of sambal?
I told my mother I wanted to ice skate, but she didn't skate , and she was afraid to take me out on the ice.
We ate fish soup, mussels, oysters, skate in brown butter and my aunt's tomato salad.
If, like me, you adore the meaty flesh and sweet flavour of fresh skate , and you have not asked your fishmonger to remove the skin, then you will need to resort to the toolbox before dinner.