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skanky / skanky
имя прилагательное
(especially of a person) dirty and unpleasant.
the skanky folk who populate L.A.'s film scene
When living out of a backpack for three weeks, it's easy to become confused - a new home every couple of nights, trying to separate skanky clothes from clean, the ever-growing stash of souvenirs.
Take away my front teeth, put me in a skanky robe and nasty slippers and I would be a great candidate for an episode of Jerry Springer.
I slept and stayed in the drug addict's ward with the rest of the skanky addicts, but the whole adolescents building, including the mental ward, had lunch in the same hall so that they could ‘socialise’.
You will end up wearing jeans, a hideous fleece and skanky trainers every day.
He sat on down on the skanky couch they'd stolen from a skip, and lit two cigarettes.